• Move In Checklist -  Both the owner and prospective new tenants need to make sure the Management Team has all of the requested information to get parking permits, gate keys, keys to the gym  etc. Use this checklist to make sure you collect all the necessary information.
  • Lease Addendum Package -  The Association also has certain requirements that both the landlord and new tenant must comply with. This package contains many of the items listed in the Checklist including:

Faxing/Copying: The office fax number is 407-296-2827. There is no charge for outbound local faxing but nominal charges for other services. There is a charge of 50 cents per page for all outbound long distance faxes. Also, there is a charge of 50 cents per page when a fax is received. Received faxes must be picked up during regular office hours.Office photocopy is available and priced at 10 cents per page. All fees will be due and collected at the time of service.  

  • The Owner/Occupant Application.  
  • Acknowledgements & Disclosures.
  • Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Central Park Lease Addendum

Gate Access: The side gates to our community are closed for security reasons. The main gate is in front of the office and will normally be open from 4:30pm-7:00pm Monday through Friday. At other times you may access the gate with your gate card. When guests come to visit, they need to use the main entrance by the office, look you up in the resident’s directory and call you from the call box. To allow access to your guest press ‘9’ on your phone pad. This will open the gate remotely and allow your guest to enter the community. 

DO NOT enter through the exit gate as the gate spikes will cause serious tire (see photo).

Valet Trash Service: Our valet trash service will pick up your garbage bags Monday through Friday. Please place tied garbage bags outside your door after dark the night before or before 5:00AM (Sunday evening through Thursday morning) for pick up. Do not leave trash outside over weekends or holidays or you risk being fined by the Association.

The trash compactor is located between buildings 5980 and 5986. You are welcome to dispose on days when no valet service is available. Please respect this policy and your neighbors. Do not create a pest control issue by leaving garbage outside your unit or in common areas.

Information For New Residents


Ph: 407-299-4125      Fax: 407-296-2827

[email protected] 

We would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you. If you are just moving to our great community then we have some valuable information for you. We all want our homes to be as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Thank you for choosing to make this beautiful community your new home! Office Please do not hesitate to contact the office should you have any questions or concerns.    

Note: If you are leasing your unit the office staff may refer you back to the unit owner or the leasing company in some cases. Please report maintenance issues in common areas as soon as possible. 

Office hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. You can also contact the office by phone at: 407-299-4125. Stop in and meet our great Management Team!

Safety & Security: Guard Cell Phone: 407-235-5262  We do have security on the property at off hours. Security Guards have a cell phone if you need to reach them for assistance with community issues or disturbances such as noise and/or antisocial behavior. Be aware that the public school buses pick up and drop off our school age residents at the front gate where the office is located. 

Speed Limit: The community speed limit is 10 mph and should be followed at all times.  

Please call 911 for all Police, Fire, or Medical emergencies.

Pets: Please see the condo document’s use restrictions for types of pets that are not permitted. 

There is no dog walk area designated within this community. Please pick up after your pet and respect your neighbors. Failure to pick up after your dog could result in a fine from the Association. Back to Top

Air Conditioner/Heat Operation: To set your air conditioner, switch to “Auto” and “Cool”. Do not set to “On” as this will operate the fan and bring hot air from the outside into your apartment. To conserve energy set your air conditioner to 78 degrees and close all blinds. If the outside temperature is 100 degrees, your unit will only cool to 80 degrees. Setting your A/C unit to 60 degrees will result in a very expensive energy bill and possibly freeze up your air conditioner unit. You should replace your units filter monthly.Note: Please contact your owner as this was the standard but your unit may have been upgraded.

Heater Operation Set the thermostat to the desired temperature and set on “Auto” and “Heat”. If the system has not been used for sometime you may notice a burning of dust off the heater element. After that subsides you should receive warm air. Note: Owner’s may have changed or upgraded the A/C system in your unit. Please consult the owner directly for instructions.

Insurance: Please keep in mind that the Association provides insurance only to cover the building not your personal belongings or damage that may result from fire, floods or any acts of nature. The exterior is the Associations responsibility, the interior is the Resident’s responsibility and the content should be insured through renters insurance if you are leasing. I you have purchased your unit you should have ‘contents insurance’ which will cover not only your valuables but also your interior drywall.

Patios and Balconies: Do not use these areas as storage for old furniture, boxes, appliances, etc. Only patio related furniture and accessories are permitted. Pets enclosed on your balcony unattended are not allowed and violations will result in fines.

Also, due to the Fire Department regulations, no barbecue grills are to be used anywhere on the property except in the gazebo at the pool behind the office. Propane tanks are not to be stored in your building, patio or storage area.

Parking Pass: Security Guards routinely check all vehicles for the Central Park Parking Pass. You will need to register your vehicles at our Association Office to receive your gate access card and parking pass. Your parking pass must be displayed on the driver’s side of your windshield. Please do not block access to the gate key box at the gate when entering the property. If you do not have your gate card with you then you must pull to the right and allow others to access and open the gate.

Note: There is a towing policy that the association strictly adheres to. If your vehicle is not registered, does not move for 14 days, has an expired tag or is inoperable it will be towed at your expense. No exceptions.

Resident ID Cards: Every resident over the age of 12 years old should visit the office and obtain a resident identification card. You will be required to prove your identity when using common amenities, such as the pool and fitness center, and should keep it with you at all times.

Note: The Association does have the power to levy fines to residents who leave trash out at anytime except for valet service Monday through Friday mornings.

Window Blinds: Please note that the Association rules stipulate that blinds must be white or "off white". Colored blinds that are visible from the exterior are not permitted.

Note: The Association does have the power to levy fines if these rules are not followed.

New Resident Checklists

Important Links for Landlords and New Tenants

  • Resident's Guide -  There is a summary of useful information for new residents below but if you prefer you can download the full version of the Resident's Guide here.